Maria de Cinque


DNA 3 Course

Learn the tools to become empowered in your life in only 3 days

Attain your highest vibrational connection with the 7th Plane. DNA 3 is the knowledge of how to move and change non-organic and organic matter, as well as how to work with the mitochondria in the cell to have instant transformation. Delve into telekinesis, remote viewing, align your eternal molecules and work with the elementals to influence weather.

Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing® Advanced ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioners, You and Creator & Intuitive Anatomy  OR Basic ThetaHealing® Advanced ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioners, You and Creator, You and Your Inner Circle or World Relations
Includes: Practitioner Manual. 


It’s the mystery class that students feel they must do, but don’t know why.

So here are the key benefits of this class

1. This course is one of Vianna Stibal’s most advanced courses. It contains advanced metaphysical knowledge to help you see through the veil of this illusion so that you can create your reality as you wish it.

2. Learn to expand as light into another person to heal – this reduces the amount of digging that is required to heal and magnifies your healing powers!

3. Deeper understanding of your soul’s evolution, so that you can more deeply remember your life purpose and soul’s purpose. Most people search their entire lives for this and never find it.

4. By knowing what you are here to do, your manifesting becomes more powerful and easier. Essentially you’re manifesting to fulfil your mission here on earth and do it in style.

5. The resentment work is design to increase and harness your psychic abilities you once had in past lives. So that you get more accurate readings.

6. By aligning the eternal molecules, you activate the Merkabah energy field. Essentially an energetic transport device for teleportation, spiritual bi-location and remote viewing. It also raises your consciousness closer to enlightenment on a more regular basis.

In the DNA 3 class, students learn the awareness that we can step out of your own paradigm and witness a transformation using the mitochondria of the DNA. DNA 3 is to master the knowing that everyone is creating their reality, and with the proper knowledge can step out of it at will. DNA 3 is when the Energetic-DNA has learned all it can and it is presented to the Creator to show what has been learned.

Here’s what to expect of the Theta Healing® DNA 3 Course:

1. Release of toxins in the body and emotionally

2. Your circle of friends will change and evolve… again.

3. You’ll start to connect with your Soul Family and Star Seed Family

4. You may start to read people’s minds, and you may get your feelings hurt when people think things about you.

5. You’ll return to the innocence and wonder of a child, as you see through world through purity.

6. Miracles may happen, so get ready for your life to change. Be ready to let go of your secondary gains to disease and illness.

7. Your healing abilities magnify as you attain new virtues, so belief work becomes simpler.

  Prerequisitebasic theta healing, advanced, dig-deeper, you and the creator