Maria de Cinque



“My wife and I are firmly back together and on the wonderful road, we should have never left. Things are wonderful between us; a miracle has occurred and keeps recurring all the time. Thank you so much for your caring and the wonderful results you helped us achieve. You are a very special person and I wish that your life is filled with the kind of wonder and joy you helped my wife and me find again. We appreciate the enormous, miraculous contribution you made in getting our lives back on track”

– Jason and Samantha R.

Perth, WA

“Maria’s Healing is gentle, powerful, and effective. In just one session Maria quickly got to the heart of the core matter and my blockages were resolved on a deep level. I felt amazingly free and clear on my purpose. I am happy to refer clients to Maria.” 

– Jasmin O’Hara, Astrologer, and Counselor. 

Byron Bay, Australia

“I have a new perspective in my life, in my own relationship and with others, my abilities, my potential, and purpose.  I am empowered to keep working on my new tools. My teacher Maria, you are everything we all needed. Awesome! Funny, wise, resourceful, a true teacher with your open heart, real authenticity, working fast, effectively, allowing me to go further, without restrictions, that I can be vulnerable and true to myself. You are GOLD Maria.”

– Andrea Gabriela Gasia practitioner and artist 

Busselton, WA

“Maria is …..someone that you can conform with, an incredible connect with, very few people can actually reach through you, and make you feel safe, and make you feel really comfortable, and not feel vulnerable or feel inadequate actually feel empowered, you can do this and very few people can do this to reach through, get to you when you are in that state and then bring you forward, I feel Maria you have a gift, that is rare, yet so valuable.”

– CEO multi-million company Samantha

Perth, WA

“I’d like to take this moment to thank you beautiful Maria. Before I saw you, I was lost and unknowingly upset about past events, which blocked me from living my best life. I am now super confident, achieving amazing things and living my best life. Before I was a passenger, now I am the leader of my own destiny, I have emerged from my cocoon and I am flying!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Maria I highly recommend seeing Maria  — feeling wonderful.”

       – SJ Martin 



Maria De Cinque — CEO, Founder.

My name is Maria De Cinque. I’m a sovereign gifted teacher, energy healer, leadership trainer, and spiritual soul coach.

My greatest gift is to serve you by helping you shift out of false limiting beliefs and reclaim your true worth.

I have helped around 350 thousand clients connect to their inner soul wisdom, develop their intuitive gifts, and be able to step fully and authentically into their soul mate relationships!

I invite you to my 5-Day FREE Masterclass to you so you can also have your relationships, business, health & vitality, and financial abundance that is intertwined with the whole of who you are in your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

We welcome You into my school Soul Graduate Academy, Miraculous Mircules and Manfiestation. We specialise in Teaching and Coaching our clients to Empower, Heal and Transform their own lives and the lives of their clients.