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Basic Theta Healing

Learn the tools to become empowered in your life in only 3 days

Learn the tools to become empowered in your life in only 3 days

Course Description

Learn a powerful technique that will allow you to become empowered in your life. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how our subconscious beliefs systems can create who we are and the circumstance of our life. Limiting subconscious beliefs can limit us from reaching our true potential. Our Subconscious beliefs are the rules that govern what we experience in our everyday life (relationships, health, finances and happiness)

In the Basic Theta healing class you will discover and learn how to change subconscious limiting beliefs for yourself and others. You will learn how to access a “Theta” state in minutes and to hold this state, “Theta” is the name scientists give to the brainwave the mind achieves under a very deep meditation. It is from this brain state that our reality has been created from and where we can choose to change negative/limiting belief systems in order to re-create every aspect of our life, becoming exactly the person we want to be and living the life we choose to live.

The Basic Theta healing class will open up or enhance your intuition through a number of fun exercises (ie angel readings, future readings and intuitive body scans) You will learn how to manifest for all areas of your life through a “Theta” brain wave.

Course Outline

Theta Healing is easy to learn and a technique that allows participants to become empowered to transform their lives. The course teaches you how to apply the technique on yourself or on anyone else. The course covers the following:

  • Applied Quantum Physics – understanding the science of Theta
  • Connect with the divine and learn how to access a Theta state swiftly and easily
  • Discover the 4 Levels of Beliefs and how to alter negative beliefs on a core, gene, history and soul level
  • Learn how to Intuitively see and speak to your Guides and Guardian Angels
  • Discover how to perform powerful energy clearings on yourself, others, home, office or business
  • Learn how to perform Future Readings
  • Learn how to intuitively see inside the human body and identify energetic blocks
  • Find out how to prevent and free yourself from psychic attacks, curses and soul fragments
  • Learn how to energetically reverse the aging process.
  • Discover how to be empowered to manifest all that you want (ie financial success, soul mates etc)
  • “ Theta is the brain wave used for manifesting and co-creating, the place where you connect to the divine energy easy and swiftly achievable. ”

  • Course Dates

  • Perth. W.A.

  • Date: TBA (ONLINE Class)

  • Venue: ONLINE via the Zoom platform

  • Investment: $695

  • Repeat: $300

  • Time: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:30am- 4:30pm

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